Give or Volunteer


All your donations will be used directly on the community of Dimen. We want to build a women's center as part of our headquarters in the village where women can gather, attend classes, have access to clean water and sanitary conditions. We will be partnering with women's empowerment organizations and women's health organizations to bring training and free health check ups. It will be a safe place for children as well. We will have workshops focusing on heritage, local identity besides other extra-curricular activities to help children succeed. We will use profits from sales to support this center. Your donation will help us reach our goal quicker.


No matter where you are located, you can help. We are quite small. Our US operations are run by a several student interns headed by professor Marie Lee at University of the Pacific on the side of all their other duties. We do all the shipping, promotions and sales ourselves.

  • We can use a hand with promoting the company/website at the moment the most.
  • Do you have an idea what the cooperative could produce next? Make a sample, write detailed directions how to make it and send the sample with directions to us. Or just point us in a direction and we will take it from there.
  • We hope to have packets for home boutique sales available in near future. It will be great if you can host a party to sell our products to your your friends.