Handmade • Nonprofit • Fair Trade

About Singing Hands

Elderly artisans from Kam minority villages deep in the mountains of Guizhou province of China, called affectionately za, have taken on contemporary design to help preserve their cultural heritage and help their communities make sustainable living.

The average yearly wage in the remote Kam villages is $1000, well below the average for even rural China. Young and middle-aged people often seek employment in faraway factories to help ends meet. Thanks to your support, younger Kam have a reason to learn traditional techniques and stay with their families.

Sustainable Livelihood

Produced by small family workshops, Singing Hands products support the traditional way of living in minority villages in remote areas of China. Following the fair trade model, all profits go directly to the artisans who decide how to invest them in their community.

By purchasing our products, you allow artisans to work from home. They do not have to leave anymore for faraway factories that exploit migrant workforce to make ends meet.

Ancient Craft with a Contemporary Twist

Rooted in local aesthetics, the products merge contemporary design with tradition. They are hand- crafted from local materials with utmost care, each piece getting an individualized treatment by the artisan as she reflects on the unique properties of the material. The fabric is handmade on a traditional wooden loom and then hand-dyed with local plants following the traditional and often time-consuming procedures that have been passed down from mother to daughter for centuries.